Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funky Friday

Anette Holmbergs loft watch her homepage here
she is making the most beautiful things and her studio is just amazing

Carl Gustav and Immanuel dreesed in there best dandy clothes. I love how they both play with colors by wearing blue and green socks.
Helping Carl Gustav in the bar, yes I was a really big help! Someone has to mix the gin and tonic!!!
Anettes daughter and her friend helping out serving beer, I love how they painted their nails. Really funky with all the colours and the glitter.
Sushi Bar

My funky outfit: bolero: Malene Birger, T-shirt: Brocke is the new black and coral Marc Jacobs shoes
The dj accompanied by a saxophone and drums

I think these last two pictures are really showing how the party was, full of motion!

Last Friday I went to a FUNKY PARTY. It was held at Anette Holmbergs studio. The studio is in an old factory building behind the new opera. It’s really cool decorated and she had put candles everywhere and nearly no electric light. It was Anettes birthday so she and the 12mR committee had decided to throw the party together and invite 200 people.

For the food there came two sushi chefs who had made a huge amount of sushi and for dessert there was a mountain of tiramisu. She had asked Carl Gustav, a really god friend of mine, and me if we wanted to help with the bar. Carl Gustav was really passionate about it, and made hundreds of mojitos while I flirted with the sailors and made them drink my amaazing gin and tonics. Now and then I escaped to go dancing with my sister. The dj was really god, he managed to have the whole crowd dancing the whole night, young and old everybody was having fun!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jimmy Choos of the day

Private strappy sandal

Shoes of the day, I know these shoes are not really good for the winter. But honestley they are perfect for a night out, and really how much are you outside when your going out? I´m not outside at all I´m going from the cab to the club/bar and then home again with a cab. So the shoes are safe!

Racing Day

Sailing days with the 12mR, really trendy clothes!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sailing Outfit

This is how I would like to look when I´m going sailing. Maybe next year I think it´s to cold with the shorts now!

12mR Race

This weekend there is a 12meter yacht cup in Copenhagen. After travelling around Scandinavia and Germany the last year’s it’s really good, that the event is finally in my city!

The race started Thursday night where all the sailors where together at Hellerup Sejlclub for dinner. Friday morning everybody met at Baresso (the official sponsor) to have breakfast, before sailing out from Tuborg Havn. There are 6, 12meters and it’s just amazing beautiful to see them all in the harbor side by side or on the sea racing! After the race everybody went home to change for the party of the night. It was a great party but I will post some pictures and tell you more about that later.

Today there were races all day again and the party tonight was at Skuespil Huset. Everybody met at a tour boat outside the Admiral hotel and then we went on a tourist tour around in the canals and harbor of Copenhagen. It was so beautiful! I have lived in Copenhagen my whole life and never been on such a tour! It was dark and all the lights where on, we had rented the whole boat so it was only the sailing crews, drinking red wine and having a good time before dinner. The dinner was really good, and it’s so much fun with all the different people from all over Europe. Tomorrow is the last day! I’m really excited to see who is going to be the winner…

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tim Walker and Lily Cole

I’m just looking trough all my old Vogues and now and then there is an amaaaaaazing editorial! The best ones I cut out and put in a map. The map is good filled up with Mario Testino and my favorite photographer Tim Walker. I absolutely love the pictures he and Lily Cole has taken together.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fields of daisys

Vintage dress found in Paris. I wore it today because the weather was so good, really sunny!
This photos are taken in Rom at the Villa Borghese.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I <3 Brian

I’m in love! Like really, really in love, with this guy called Brian... Brian Atwood the most amaaaaaaazing shoe designer on this planet! When I went to Paris last week I went a few times to my favorite store in the whole world, Colette at Rue Saint-Honoré. And, they had the perfect winter heels designed by Brian Atwood! They are so classy and so chick I felt like I had to faint.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The last summer days in Paris

Old pharmacy at Place Clichy (you can see me in the window reflection)
Mosaik in front of Annick Goutal

Palais Royale

So, I have been away for a week! I went to Paris, the city that stole my heart... I used to live there and right now I’m looking for a good excuse to go back.

The weather was amazing the first days, so I could wear my summer dresses a last time before they disappear down in the basement until next year.

My father gave me a new camera for the trip and I took a lot of photos, here you can see some of them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It’s my favorite museum in Denmark and right now they have an exhibition with some amazing pieces of video art and sculptures called The World is Yours. I wore a black pencil skirt from Topshop, a navy shirt and my goddess necklace from Accessorize.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stockings in every colour

The red stockings with a gerry weber skirt and cape

I love stockings! With lace, with a crazy pattern or in a beautiful color. This autumn I want to get as many stockings in different colors and shapes as possible. Anna Sui, Christian Lacroix, Etro and Matthew Williamson have made some beautiful ones! Christian Lacroix has also embroidered the stockings with beautiful patterns and beads. I already tried the trend out when I went to Florence, but that was only the begging! I want to Attend the Trend!